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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to fill out the Digital Consultation form to book an appointment?

In order to give you the best possible experience, I do ask all new guests to fill out the Digital Consultation Form in order to schedule their first appointment.

This form will allow me to better customize your salon experience and give me the knowledge I need to achieve your hair goals.

What's your specialty?

I am a passionate dimensional color specialist focusing on blending the highs (lighter shades) and the lows (darker shades) which creates dimension for a seamless grow out.

Root touch ups, covering your greys with dimension. All my colors are multi tonal, meaning your color will never be flat, dull or matte.

Color corrections, I absolutely love a challenge! If someone else wrecked it, I will correct it, leaving your hair in better condition that when you came in.


Maintenance will depend on your look, lifestyle and budget, which will all be discussed during your consultation.


Where are you located and Where do I park?

You can find me on the corner of West Carey and Sarah St.
99 West Carey Street, Plains, Pa 18705

There are  two parking spots available on the side of the salon and one parking spot in the rear driveway.

Do I have to have my photo taken?

Absolutely not! Typically, I will take before and after photos, to show off where we started and how gorgeous your hair turned out. I LOVE taking photos of my guests and showcasing them on social media and my website.

While I truly enjoy taking photos of each and every guest, I know that not everyone feels comfortable having their photo taken. I'll never take photos of you that don't make you look amazing and I'll never post pictures without your permission.


What should I wear?

You can expect that we'll be taking photos at your appointment, so I'd recommend wearing something that's black, white or neutral for those after photos.
Feel free to dress up or dress more causal and comfortable. Whichever is totally fine with me!